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I don’t really read a lot, I have the worst attention span ever and it’s really hard for me to retain information.  But basically what I got out of the cave art readings was that art has been around for a long long time.  And sometimes with each new discovery some pieces of art go back even farther than we initially thought, especially with the advances in technology we have these days where we have better machinery to date back artifacts more accurately.

When I saw the picture of the Venus of Hohle Fels, I honestly thought it was poop.  Not in the “that looks terrible” kind of way but I actually thought it was a fertilized piece of poop…  It wasn’t after I read the first few paragraphs that I realized it was actually a little sculpture of a big lady with big boobs, a big belly, big thighs, the works.  I didn’t even see it at first actually, I found myself turning my head a few times before I finally got it and I kinda felt bad after I realized it was actually a lady.  But I figured it was because I didn’t exactly know what I was looking for, not really used to seeing actual sculptures of big women.  The sculptures I’m used to seeing are ones depicting smaller and more petite women, they’re the ones I’m used to seeing in my history books or in these modern times.  

But this honest mistake, only helped me to realize that not only has art changed through time but our different interpretations of beauty have changed as well. In this time we see beauty in women with slim figures when back then big and burly was in, but that doesn’t apply to everyone because someone now may prefer bigger women and someone back then could have preferred slimmer ladies, just someone’s general view of beauty.  This only goes to show that beauty is really in the eye of the beholder…

Now when I read about the cave paintings, it didn’t grab my attention as much as the last, especially since it was also kind of longer but that’s besides the point.  I skimmed through the entire blog post and the only thing that really seemed to stick with me was the process of dating the artifacts and tracing it back to it’s time period.  It was a brief explanation but it was still really cool, it bummed me out though at first since I wasn’t sure how I could relate the process or advancement in dating methods to art but thinking about it, it actually has a lot to do with art!  It’s because of the existence of old cave paintings and other old timey pieces of arts that this progress may have been made possible, for the purpose of getting more accurate and thorough results scientists aim to create better technology to better date back old pieces of art.

Before reading these articles I never would have thought how big of an influence old cave paintings and sculptures have in our society now.  Nothing like Davinci, Michaelangelo or Van Gogh, the simplicity in cave art never really impress me or catch my attention, like at all, but reading this article makes me realize that cave art is the foundation of art as we know it now, they were the ones that started it all.  If it weren’t for them I don’t know if artists like Davinci, Michaelangelo or Van Gogh would have made such masterpieces like they did.

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